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Waiting for Godot 

Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett 

Concept : I’ve realized a scenic image split in 2 areas: the main acting area - contains the mound of objects and the second area, the hanging overall which became a sort of background. The link between them is the tree.The idea of the “lieu vague” referring to an undefined real location is the starting point for  my design concept and  was linked with motifs as nothingness, void and profound uncertainty.  Beckett's universe has no physical boundaries or a distinguished territory. The very first words of the play are Estragon’s: “Nothing to be done”. This is repeated several times and makes ‘nothing’ an obsessive and disturbing chorus. Repetition is often present in life, is how we learn to live and it turns into a mechanical way of living. It became the theme for the set, offering various means for creating the right setting for the actors. The scenic elements are all placed apparently without any logic or purpose in order to configure an absurd space, the expression of an inner disoriented and untidy universe. The paradox is the sensation of emptiness in a congested space . 
Considering the time and the budget for this production I decided to devise a solution fast and easy to build. I found the amazing art works of the Japanese contemporary artist, Chiharu Shiota and images of abandoned spaces, as the old coal mines which directed my ideas towards a form of set-installation for the performance.

Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett 

director Jessica Podewell

set and costume Iulia Gherghescu

lights Derek Blanco

Production of Tulane University - Theatre and Dance Department/ Lupin Theatre, New Orleans, USA november 2013 

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