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Iulia Gherghescu


2011- 2014

Tulane University

New Orleans, USA

MFA in Design and Technical Production 



The Caragiale University of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography Bucharest, Romania 

B.F.A. in Production design


2017-Designer - "Butterflies are free", Bucharest, Romania
2016 - Designer- "Blowing", Botosani, Romania

2015 - Designer- "A bedfull of foreigners" Sibiu, Romania

         - Production designer for short film "41/2 Senses"

2014 -Assistant designer/Internship@ JGLecat Studio, Paris.

2013 - Designer - Waiting for Godot, Lupin Theatre, New Orleans,USA.

2012-  Art director for feature film "Love building"

2011 - Assistant designer @Tulane University, Theatre and dance department, New Orleans, USA.

2010- Designer for "Gingerbread lady " and "Starspangled girl", Sibiu, Romania

2009- Production designer/ set decorator for TV shows, Bucharest Romania

2008-  Set designer Tarelkin, Metropolis Theatre, Bucharest, Romania  


Grants & Awards


2009 - I'm a title. Click here to edit me.

2006 - I'm a title. Click here to edit me.

2001 - I'm a title. Click here to edit me.

production design, set design for theatre and opera, fine art (painting), Photoshop, concept design, composition, costume design for film and TV, art direction, set dressing, costume making,  scenic art, budget management, model making, Vectorworks. ere to edit me.

2008 - I'm a title. Click here to edit me.

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