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 As a seasoned production designer and scenographer, my career has been richly diverse, primarily focusing on film and theater, though I eagerly embrace opportunities in various other domains. My passion lies in collaborating with talented, multidisciplinary teams, dedicating myself wholly to the design process — from the inception of ideas to the meticulous crafting of sets and costumes, all the way through to the exhilaration of opening night. My portfolio is a tapestry of projects, showcasing a range of styles and approaches, each marked by my deep commitment, expertise, and unwavering enthusiasm, regardless of the project's scale. Driven by a desire for personal and professional growth, I've chosen to work internationally, seeking new experiences, immersing myself in diverse cultures, and stepping boldly out of my comfort zone. I firmly believe in the boundless nature of design, a realm where there are no absolutes, only a myriad of possibilities waiting to be explored and interpreted.


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