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The Birds

One way reality 

Why “One way reality”? is about   the  illusion of escaping from a place, a system , the reality of living .It is about an utopy :the struggle to renegate a system  by creating another one as you wish to be,  but in the end it turns out that you’ve created the same  reality  with a different face. From this point of  view  the social and political reality it seems to be an only one way road . The set is designed on a round platform  with two walls that are opening and closing. Those walls with  interior lighting  hide  that dreamed place  where the tow main characters can  expand their ideas.In  designing the set I took more a simbolical approach and through the costume, that are cartoonish and bring to the character a caricatural side , I’ve tried to reveal the comic and ironic side of the play.

 Birds by Aristophanes - One way reality, was my selected project for Scenofest showcase of Prague  Quadrennial 2007

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