4 1/2 Senses

4 1/2 senses short film 

Being blind for more than 30 years Mr Grosu is doing, as always, his daily routine, trying to recompose the reality in his mind. Accidents happens form time to time, but he receives the help of his lifelong partner Ms Grosu. A quite life in a beautiful house somewhere in Bucharest. All this fairytale ends suddenly, in a morning, when the house is silent. No music on the radio, no newspaper sound, silence in the kitchen. The house becomes too big, the space too empty. Mr Grosu has one last decision to take.

4 1/2 senses

directors Raluca Racean Gorgos & Ion Arama

cinematography Gorgos Radu

Studio Hai Hui Entertainment

Producer Oana Giurgiu

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